We specialize in heart care

Come see us for cardiology care that aims to keep you out of the hospital, or if needed, in a hospital as briefly as possible. We are a modern, physician-owned practice that earns our keep on professional services, not facility fees. Click below for services:

New patient visit and follow-up

Testing and diagnosis

Medication, stent or surgery

Pre and post op care

Virtual and In-Person Care

Depending on where you are in your heart care journey, we can start with a video call right from home or a meeting in person. See the diagram below to understand your care pathway and our hybrid approach to virtual and in-person services:


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Our clinic checks your heart health by collecting your complete medical history, a physical exam, advanced blood work and non-invasive cardiac imaging. We work with athletes and non-athletes alike to reduce risk of heart disease, especially for patients with a family or personal history of heart disease. We move onto diagnostics when we detect cardiac risks.

Custom Evaluation
Heart Management Programs
Preventative Medication

Examples of preventative programs include weight, cholesterol, hypertension and lipid management through counseling, remote monitoring and medications.


If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, or other symptoms, you may need to go directly to an emergency or urgent care center. We immediately see patients experiencing symptoms of heart disease for in-person diagnostic testing including an EKG, echocardiogram and stress test.

Symptom in-take
EKG, echo and stress tests

If you already know you have an abnormal EKG, schedule a consultation with us to determine whether you have an urgent heart condition.


Our doctors administer non-invasive and invasive treatments. We offer modern, heart drug therapies; if medication therapy is not an option, we can also perform non-surgery procedures such as catheter and stent placements where you can leave the hospital in the same day.

Heart Drug Therapy


Before and after an invasive treatment, such as a stent or surgery, we assess your risks and counsel you on how to care for yourself. We oversee the creation of an individualized exercise and nutrition plan. In select cases, we may enroll patients who have recently experienced symptoms of chest pain but have not undergone invasive treatment.

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